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A Trusted Divorce Attorney: Helping Those In Need

Going through a divorce is easily one of the most stressful life transitions that a person can go through. I am Patricia Steele, a family law attorney in Tacoma, and I founded The Steele Law Firm to represent clients in and around Pierce County. I have 8 years of experience as a divorce attorney and 20 years of experience in the legal industry, and I will fight for my clients’ rights. I work to protect them throughout what I know is a stressful time, one that can be filled with anxiety and fear.

Redistributing Resources In A Divorce

A divorce proceeding dismantles a household and redistributes resources. This process can be incredibly stressful. Dividing assets and debts in a fair and just manner can cause conflict. Child and spousal support is a critical ingredient to starting a new life. I help my clients with the following:

  • An equitable distribution of marital property
  • Distribution of high-value assets
  • Division of retirement assets
  • Establishing child support
  • Securing spousal maintenance or alimony
  • Protecting fathers’ rights

I know that when you are in the midst of a divorce, your stress and anxiety levels make it difficult to wait to hear back from your attorney. I strive to offer my clients timely replies and answers when they have questions. I work with a dedicated paralegal to help make that possible.

Military Divorce: When Military Service Or Active Duty Is Part Of A Divorce

I have worked with military clients from Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM). I am familiar with the unique issues that can arise with a military divorce, including the division of military retirement assets, having to move out of base housing, or addressing unique visitation arrangements as a result of active duty or deployment.

Same-Sex Couples: Adoption And Divorce

I have helped same-sex couples with family law matters throughout my career. There can be unique challenges that affect same-sex families, such as defining the legal rights of a child for the parent who did not give birth. In addition, while same-sex marriage is now legal, it has only been so for a short time. Married couples may have actually been together much longer than the date of their legal marriage. I have experience guiding clients through these unique challenges, and I can protect and preserve their legal rights.

Find A Symbol Of Hope In A Trying Time; Call The Steele Law Firm

Let me help shine a light during a dark time. My clients know that they can count on me to be there for them. I offer virtual appointments, and I am available on the phone as needed. Call me today at 253-697-0421 or send an email through my website to schedule your consultation.