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Crafting A Parenting Plan And Seeking Post-Decree Modifications That Meet Your Needs

With over 20 years of family law experience, and 8 years as an attorney, I have seen and experienced many different divorce scenarios. My name is Patricia Steele, and I know that things can be especially fraught when children are involved and a parenting plan must be created. I founded The Steele Law Firm in Tacoma to serve and protect clients in Pierce County and its surrounding communities who are navigating even the most contentious of divorce cases.

Realistic Advice From A Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust

My goal is always to help my clients resolve their family legal matters with their best interests in mind. I listen carefully to what my clients want, and I offer realistic guidance and advice. I strive to empower my clients by arming them with information and facts.

Addressing High-Conflict Divorce

There is a lot riding on the outcome of a divorce case, especially in high-conflict cases. It can be difficult to reach agreements on what is in the best interest of those involved when there is so much at stake. I help clients who are dealing with high-conflict divorces including:

  • High-conflict child custody cases
  • Abusive use of conflict in a divorce
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse

I am an empathetic attorney who will fight to protect your rights. I advocate aggressively to keep you and your children safe.

When Mental Health Issues Impact A Divorce

In situations where a parent struggles with mental health, addiction or has abusive (including both physical and emotional abuse) tendencies, a divorce can be combative and interactions can be volatile. When my clients are dealing with these factors in their divorce, I take an aggressive approach to advocate on their behalf. The Washington courts are not always fair, so a skilled advocate is essential. I will be a beacon of hope during a dark time.

Crafting Parenting Plans During Contentious Divorce

I will be open and honest with each of my clients about how the facts of their case fit with the applicable law. I want to arm them with information so they can make the best possible decisions for what is best for their family. Establishing a parenting plan can help families find their footing and move forward from a divorce with ground rules. Laying a foundation to resolve future potential conflicts can also bring peace of mind. In starting a new future, a parenting plan can provide reassurance that you, your rights and your children are safe.

Resolving Post-Decree Modifications

The goal in a divorce settlement is to resolve all the issues and set everyone up for success in the future – in other words, to move forward from the conflict and be successful co-parents. When emotions are running high and the scenario is contentious (as can happen in cases involving emotional abuse or mental health), there can easily be additional issues that come up after the decree is entered and the divorce is finalized. If this were to happen in your divorce, I will still be there for you. My care and concern for your and your children’s best interests does not end when the decree is entered. I will help you make adjustments and fight for what you need, whenever you should need it.

Learn How I Can Offer You Hope In A Consultation

I want to listen to your story and understand your situation. I offer consultations so that I can answer your questions and tell you more about how I work and how I can help you with your case, should you choose to hire me as your attorney. Call me today at 253-697-0421 or send me an email to schedule your appointment.